Ordering must be 4 months or more to the event.  Large orders over 6 garlands please order at least 4 months in advance.  Jordan can only work on these products outside of her main job hours.  Occasionally Jordan might be able to create an last minute order however, Jordan's time can be fairly limited depending on the time of the year.

Your order must be the amount you need for the event.  If you request more at a later date I may not be able to make the extra garlands, flower rosettes.  I only order in the amount of flowers and other products I need to make the order you have placed.  Please go through your program and make sure that you have ordered enough garlands and/or flower rosettes for your event when you place the order.?

Jordan Wicks Photography and Garlands is not responsible if you have spelt anything wrong for the printed ribbon or plaque.  Please double check your spelling, as Jordan normally copy and pastes.  

Currently it is strongly recommended that the year is not placed on printed ribbons or plaques due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and events being postponed until the following year, etc.

Jordan takes no responsibility if a parcel is lost or damaged or gets delayed by the courier.  Jordan normally sends garlands wrapped in bubble wrap in a cardboard box and usually sends by courier.  Jordan will try and send orders out 1.5 weeks in advance to try and have ample time to get the garlands to your location.  However, if the garland and/or flower rosette was placed 4 months or less from the event Jordan cannot guarantee it will be sent 1.5 weeks in advance.  Insurance will always purchased with postage with the courier for orders over $100.  Insurance costs depends on the price of the products in the parcel.  Postage and insurance is to be paid by the purchaser of the products.

Payment must be made by the due date.  If payment is not received by the due date your order will be automatically cancelled.  Payment must be received within 7 days of invoice date.  Jordan normally has to order in products for your order, so prompt payment is greatly appreciated as approximately 80% of your purchase goes towards the purchase of material, etc to make the garlands and/or flower rosettes.  If you wish to pay the order by credit card, you will be charged a 3% transaction fee on the total of order. 

Sponsors names on ribbon rosettes or plaques.  Jordan can hold off until 1 and half months prior to the event to getting ribbon rosettes or plaques made by suppliers.  So if you are organising an event you are still able to place the order and look for sponsorship until 1 and half months out.  If no names are emailed to Jordan before 1 and half months of the event, Jordan will just get the ribbon rosettes, plaques or ribbon tails made with the basic wording (event name).  

There are two options:

1.  Order can be as a credit.  You will receive your order at the same amount you paid for it even if prices of those garlands increase.  Credit must be used within 12 months from date of event otherwise option two will apply.  You cannot apply for a credit for two consecutive? years.

2.  Receive a refund of your order less a cancellation fee of 20%.  You will receive your refund once I have sold your garlands as instock garlands (turnaround time for refund is unknown).


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